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Green Trough Walkway System – Furukawa Green Trough and EFLEX Square Recycled Plastic/Polymer Cable Duct

Green Trough Walkway System


The Green Trough anti-slip Walkway system has been designed in collaboration with our UK distributor, Trough-Tec Systems (TTS), to provide a hard wearing and safe walking surface for troughing routes where a low to zero maintenance walkway is required.

Made from 100% recycled polymer with a base weight of 13.5kg and lid weight of 14kg, individual units are suitable for a one-man lift.

Each lid can be independently lifted maintaining a safe walking route whilst simultaneously giving access to cables. Lids can be screwed down to protect against theft and vandalism, and bases have a built-in security system allowing for the use of cable ties to further protect against cable theft.

Fully approved by Network Rail in the UK: PA05/06762.

Green Trough Walkway Installation for Network Rail
Green Trough Walkway Installation for Network Rail
Ant-slip, zero static walking route
Ant-slip, zero static walking route


The anti-slip walkway surface coating is made up of a three component polyurethane based system. Used in combination with a 1mm granite aggregate dressing, this produces a durable slip and skid resistant surface.

Additionally, the walkway surface has been found to provide resistance to the build-up of electrostatic properties, producing 0.0kV when tested.

Green Trough Walkway Units


The walkway system comprises of two straight trough units assembled in parallel. They are connected with the help of two bolts, and can be delivered pre-assembled or in parts, ready to assemble on site.