July 23, 2015

Green Trough System

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Green Trough is the world’s most versatile cable trough system - a genuine concrete replacement.

Furukawa Green Trough cable management system offers the most innovative, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art solution to cable route management. Green Trough polymer cable trough is simple and fast to install thanks to its low weight and intuitive joining mechanism and can be modified on site using basic hand tools.


  • Flexible: Straights, bends, gradients and T-junctions all available in 6 sizes, together with accessories and an elevated system to meet any requirement.
  • Environmentally friendly: Green Trough is made from 100% recycled polymer.
  • Extremely durable: Resistant to salt damage. Excellent impact and weather resistance.
  • Simple installation: Weighs 75% less than traditional concrete trough alternatives. Green Trough products are compliant with HSE manual handling guidelines.
  • Secure: Interlocking pieces: Each trough has a male and a female end, together with Lockable lids.
  • Cost saving: Significantly reduces labour time, Green Trough can be easily manually handled and installed.
  • Compliant: Network Rail approved in the United Kingdom.
  • Flame resistant: Green trough has self extinguishing properties and is flame resistant.
  • Suitable for high voltage cables.
  • Anti-static.







Installed by hand. Significantly lighter than concrete alternatives.


hand carry
gt drop test



Unlike Concrete, Green Trough doesn't crack when dropped from 1.5m.





Load Bearing

Withstands loads up to 4.9 kN/500mm.


gt load test


lid close



Green Trough lids allow for temperature related expansion/contraction. 3 lid fixing types available.




Natural Bends

Male/female joints allow for bending angles up to 5 degrees (45 degree bend pieces also available)


natural bending